our classes

our classes

You have a:

  • dreamer

  • crafter who loves to make beautiful things with her hands

  • busy little person who, between school and sports, has little time for creativity

  • person who enjoys taking new challenges

  • restless crafter whose messy drawer in her night table is filled with felt and papers and glue and scissors and ribbons and ….dreams!

The heartfelt workshop is on a mission to help all children in the world dream, express their individuality and do what they love. Because everyone should dream and grow with vision and be filled with joy and love for what one does. 

We are happy to share everything we know with our amazing students. Children learn a great set of skills which is much more than just completing a project. Hand sewing, embroidery, sewing buttons, reading patterns, fabric layout, casings for elastics, following instructions, math in sewing (yep, we can't escape math!), zippers, patchwork, quilting basics are some of the skills they will learn. Sewing is a fun way to get kids into STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) and off the screen!


But through sewing, one also learns problem solving, attention to detail, DIY capacity, patience...top this with fun, creativity, inspiration and self confidence.

Beginners use the Kids Can Sew program, which is a year long program that will teach kids to sew and design shirts, skirts, shorts, pants, bags, and more. More advanced sewists use a variety of books and patterns that we especially get or make for them.

The workshop is a wonderful space for children to learn traditional skills and create what they dream; a place for them to express their creativity and have fun.

meet the team


Blanca Munguia

I am a Master Crafter. I dreamed of this workshop for many many years and through hard work+risk-taking+faith, it came true 5 years ago. 

I teach children ages 7+  the practical arts of sewing and crafting as tools to be happy, inspire self-confidence and self-empowerment and to connect generations. 


Kids are innovators by nature and I want to help them be creative problem solvers who aren't afraid of making mistakes and express their ideas. I want to encourage them to be resourceful and to love what they do.

I spent over 10 years working at a law firm trying to fit into an image of a successful woman I thought I had to be. It took me a while to realize that success is doing what you love and feeling happy about it.

And happy is what I want for all the children in the world!


Callie Jacobs


Polly Dombroski

what people say


Both of my daughters love the classes and camps at the Heartfelt Workshop. Blanca has an amazing gift with children and has created a place that nurtures and inspires creativity. In an age where computers and technology seem to be taking over, the Heartfelt Workshop is a haven for children who still want to work with their hands and create masterpieces with fabric and string. The pride the children have in their finished pieces is priceless and the skills learned will last long after the class is over. Thank you Blanca and the Heartfelt Workshop!



A great place for kids to learn lifelong skills. Blanca and all the staff there have special gift with children. The projects are well organized and instructed and the outcomes are amazing. The whole family looks forward to see what did our daughter do. She comes home proud and accomplished. The place is just adorable. Amazing place and activity in Vienna!



My daughter had an incredible time at camp this past week! She had never done any kind of sewing before so I wasn’t sure if she’d like it, especially because she didn’t know any other girls going, but she LOVED it!! She was so proud of everything she made each day and we were really impressed with how much she learned and was able to accomplish in such a short time. Blanca is a wonderful teacher who really puts her heart and soul into making this a fantastic experience. My only regret is that we didn’t sign up for more weeks.. this was definitely the highlight of her summer and we will be back for sure during the school year!