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weekly classes

Sewing is a fun & practical life skill that every kid should learn! Sewing classes at Heartfelt are designed to help your child build the skills and confidence necessary to take on any sewing project. Over the past 10 years, I have created a curriculum that fosters creativity and growth. Kids enjoy creating while mastering a new craft. From stuffed animals to bags and clothing, I teach your kids about pattern placement, pinning, seam allowance, ripping, choosing the right fabrics, sewing zippers and buttons, following instructions, attention to detail, and so much more! All of this in a safe, fun and encouraging environment. I hope your child can join us!


Mondays: first day is April 8, last day is June 3. No sewing on April 22 & May 27.

Tuesdays: first day is April 9, last day is June 4. No sewing on April 23.


Wednesdays: first day is April 3, last day is June 5. No sewing on April 17.


Thursdays: first day is April 4, last day is June 6. No sewing on April 18, May 16 & May 23.

Saturdays: first day is April 6, last day is May 18. No sewing on May 4.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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