When do classes start and end?

Fall classes begin at the end of August and end in May or beginning of June, just like the school year. Registration opens mid July and again early November.

How are tuition and payments handled?

Tuition is a leveled fee which is calculated based on the number of classes held in the semester then divided into the months on the sewing year (9 months from September to May) Some months have 4 classes, others 3, others even 5, so the leveled fee make it easy for everyone. You will receive an invoice the 1st of each month and may pay monthly on the 5th via e-check (through the invoice), check, or Venmo. There is currently no late fee charged for payments made after the due date. Continuing timely payments from all will insure that no late fee policy becomes necessary.

What are "no-sew days"?

No-sew days are days when the workshop is closed for holidays. You can see no-sew days on the class information page and on the class description. You will be remined via e-mail when there is a no-sew day.

What if I miss a class, are there make ups?

***Due to our current situation, make ups are not possible all the times. We limited the number of students and we can't have an available machine all the time. I ask parents to let me know when your child will be missing- with as much anticipation as they can-, and I can make that space available for someone to make up.
Of course, we understand things come up. Make-up classes will be available at a time that is convenient to the workshop. Make up classes must be scheduled during the semester the class was missed and are not transferable to the next semester. Please check the online calendar to see availability and to sign up for a make up class. Make sure you attend the make up class, there will be no reminders regarding make up classes. There are no refunds for missed classes. There are no make ups for missed make ups.

Are there any forms to fill out before attending classes?

Yes, enrollment in a class at The Heartfelt Workshop implies an understanding that safety practices are taught and enforced in the studio at all times. Registration is not complete unless a parent/guardian has signed the safety disclaimer on the registration form. Any student unable or unwilling to adhere to safety practices will be dropped from class.

Are body measurements taken in class?

Yes, sewing of clothing requires taking body measurements to determine pattern sizes, which involves superficial physical contact. Measurements are taken over the student's clothing and a restroom is provided for complete privacy when trying on sewing projects. Please notify the instructor of any special sensitivities on the part of a child or parent in this regard.

What kind of behaviour is expected during classes?

Best bevahiour for sure! Our goal is to provide casual, safe, enjoyable classes, and behavior that compromises class safety or interferes with the teaching process cannot be tolerated. Parents of any students unable or unwilling to conduct themselves appropriately will be duly notified. If behavior problems persist, the students in question will be dropped from enrollment, with no tuition refunds for any unused classes for that month.

Do students have to bring their own supplies+tools to class?

No, we want to make it easy for parents! All supplies and tools will be provided by The Heartfelt Workshop. We love buying fabrics and all sewing notions for our students to use. However, if a student wants to bring their own fabnric, they may do so. If a students brings their own fabric, there will be no deductions from tuition. Students using Kids Can Sew program must have their own patterns book and due to copyright infringement laws The Heartfelt Workshop is not able to duplicate patterns from books nor allow students to share the patterns.

What is your snow season policy?

We love snow days; however, the safety of our Heartfelt families is a priority, so when there is inclement weather, classes will be canceled. You will be notified via e-mail when this happens. The first class canceled due to snow will not be rescheduled. Snow make up classes will be rescheduled after the second canceled "snow day", i.e. if two Saturdays are canceled for snow, one Saturday will be made up. If more than one class has been canceled due to snow, then make-up options may be presented to students and families on a class-by-class basis depending on the heartfelt craft shop's availability. Missed make-up classes will not be rescheduled. When possible, The Heartfelt Workshop will hold a make-up week when classes are canceled due to snow. Classes will be held at their regularly scheduled time and date during this make-up week. You will be informed of this make-up week if it occurs. Although The Heartfelt Workshop will make every effort to make-up all canceled classes during the winter session, it cannot guarantee that all make-ups will occur. The Heartfelt Workshop cannot provide refunds for canceled classes due to inclement weather.

Since this is a year long program, can a student withdraw from classes?

Though we will be sad to see you go and hope you keep sewing forever, yes, a student may withdraw at any time during the year with no penalty. Withdrawals before the end of the year date will result in students who have not completed the program. Students may take their patterns book which was paid at registration. Please notify me 2 weeks prior to withdrawal date. There will be no tuition refunds for any unused classes for the month of withdrawal. Students who sign up in the Fall semester and wish to continue in the Winter-Spring semester do not need to re-register

What is your camp cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be made up to two weeks before camp starts. There is a $50 cancellation fee that you may apply to future classes or camps. Cancellations made after the two weeks prior to camp will receive no refunds. If for any reason the heartfelt workshop needs to cancel a camp, parents will be notified 7 days before the camp start date and a full refund will be made.